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Top 10 Celebrities in Hollywood Famed for Big Tips

A 5-star service in truly calls for a deserving tip. Servers spend hours on their toes, paying attention to detail, to make sure you get the best hospitality when you dine out. Some servers get lucky and have the opportunity to cater to celebrity guests who are often more than willing to go above and beyond by tipping generously. Here are the top 10 celebrities in Hollywood, who are famed for handing out big tips.

10. Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

Johnny is best known globally as the rum-guzzling pirate Jack Sparrow. However, he is also known to be one of the biggest celebrity tippers in the entertainment industry. Back in 2009, when Depp was filming Public Enemies in Chicago, he reportedly left a jaw-dropping 4000-dollar tip at a steakhouse. Depp was apparently pleased that they accommodated his request for private seating and was more than happy to reciprocate the favour. Needless to say, we’re sure, that any restaurant would be more than happy to have Depp as a repeat customer.

09. Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

The blonde-haired songstress may be known for her diva tantrums but she makes it all up by rolling out some generous dough. In 2013, Swift handed out a hefty 500-dollar tip at a restaurant in Philadelphia and on learning the head chef’s son was a fan, gave him 2 tickets to her concert. This is not the only instance of generosity shown by the pop icon who is also frequently known to help out deserving fans with cash. This is definitely going to take Miss Swift up in the popularity stakes.

08. Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson

Simpson may not be raking up hits on the Billboard charts, but she certainly knows how to warm our hearts. Back in 2011, the diva dined at New York City’s famed Italian eatery Lavo and went on to truly make her server’s day. On enjoying a meal of fried Oreos, veal and scotch, Simpson kept a whopping 300-dollar tip on her 500-dollar bill along with a warm handwritten note that read, “You were amazing and make this world a better place. Love, Jess.” Hmm, that’s really sweet Jessica.

07. Russell Crowe Russell Crowe

The Gladiator star is often in the spotlight for his foul-temper and difficult attitude. Yet, few know of his extremely generous side. Back in 2009 during the shoot of Robin Hood, the Australian actor headed to a local pub in Wales for a few drinks. On receiving the bill, Crowe generously left a massive 1100-dollar tip for the staff. Not only that, he also headed to the kitchen to compliment the chefs on their cooking and obliged for pose for photographs. That’s the way to go Mr. Crowe!

06. David Beckham David Beckham

The English footballer was out catching a few drinks to celebrate his team’s win at a bar in LA. On receiving the bill for 100 dollars, Beckham generously added an extra zero at the end, thus effectively tipping his waiter a whopping 900 dollars. Not just that, David Beckham went on to show just why people love him so much. According to sources, he posed patiently for photos and obliged fans with autographs without complaining, thus showing how good looks with a great attitude make for a killer combo.

05. Brad Pitt Brad Pitt

In 2013, the Hollywood heartthrob dined at a Japanese restaurant in Berlin with ex-wife Angelina Jolie and their kids. Reportedly ordering everything on the menu, Brad and company raked up a sizeable 1000-dollar bill at the end of their meal. However, in keeping with his well-known generous nature, the Hollywood actor paid up 1846 dollars against the bill, thus leaving a very surprised waitress with 846 dollars as a tip. Needless to say, she did make the good deed public and shared the money with her co-workers.

04. Amy Schumer Amy Schumer

Best known for her stand-up comedy, Amy Schumer too has a famously generous side to her. On more than one occasion, the actress has left behind sizeable tips while dining out. Back in 2015, she left a whopping 500-dollar tip on an 80-dollar bill while dining out. More recently, Schumer handed a 1000-dollar tip on a 77-dollar bill to a bartender at the Broadway musical Hamilton. Amy Schumer has explained her generosity by explaining how she was once a server and knows how hard it can be. Now, that’s definitely getting up the good karma.

03. Chrissy Teigen Chrissy Teigen

The American supermodel is best known for her Sports Illustrated covers and for being the wife of R&B star John Legend. However, a lesser known side of Chrissy sees her hand out generous tips to show her appreciation for those who work as servers. Last year while dining at Outback Steakhouse in Centerville Ohio, the dark-haired beauty left a whopping 1000-dollar tip on a 193.81-dollar bill. The shocked waitress was only too grateful for the tip and promised to share it with her co-workers as well as use some of it to repair her broken car. All we can say is shine on Chrissy!

02. Justin Bieber Justin Bieber

The blonde-haired pop star is best known for making headlines with his erratic behaviour and colourful love life. However, Justin Bieber has also shown himself to have an extremely generous side. During a visit to Atlanta in 2015, Bieber ran up a 1600-dollar bill for drink at a popular nightclub and handed over a considerable 400-dollar tip to his two servers. This is not the first time that Bieber has been noted for heavy tipping. During a breakfast visit to IHOP with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the pop star reportedly tipped the staff over 200 percent of the bill amount. That’s a hundred points for the Beliebers!

01. Jay-Z Jay-Z

Back in 2011, Jay was celebrating the release of high highly successful album Watch The Throne in collaboration with Kanye West, when he doled out some serious big bucks as a tip. After racking up a massive 250,000-dollar bill for champagne, Jay went ahead and handed out an additional 50,000 dollars as a tip to the entire staff who served that night. Yes, you heard it right: 50,000 dollars. Needless to say, Jay-Z and his entourage will always be treated as royalty at Miami’s Fontainebleau which is where the incident took place.


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