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The Shocking Truth of Becca Kufrin (2018)

Everyone will remember Becca Kufrin as audience’s favourite contestant on The Bachelor Season 22. She will also be remembered for the being dumped by bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. after being proposed to by him. Her heart wrenching plight left fans of the reality show fuming at the outcome and feeling truly sorry for her. So, how much do the fans actually know of this reality TV star?

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6. Real Job Profile Real Job Profile

Few would know that Becca Kufrin is really smart and in fact, graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Minnesota State University. Quite a rare feat for a reality TV star indeed, as most drop their education quite early on in life, to pursue auditions. Post her education, Becca Kufrin worked as a public relations executive for an agency based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. As per her LinkedIn profile, Kufrin fared quite well professionally and is quite the achiever, thus proving that she is one beauty with brains indeed.

5. Early Tragedy Early Tragedy

Most fans of The Bachelor were stunned at the way Kufrin handled her breakup with ease and maturity. What amazed us even more is the way she forgave Arie in spite of what he put her through. On doing a little research of our own, we found that Kufrin’s maturity stems from emotional turmoil she faced quite early on in life. Kufrin’s father, Steven Karl, was an air force veteran who tragically passed away from brain cancer when the TV star was only 19 years old. This no doubt left an indelible mark on the young Kufrin’s mind. Moreover, Kufrin’s mother Jill is also a breast cancer survivor and we can say the young Kufrin definitely learned about the hardships of life very early on.

4. Music Video Star Music Video Star

As beautiful as she is, we are sure that The Bachelor wasn’t the first time Becca Kufrin faced the camera. On digging up a little information, we found that we were right indeed. A November 2016 post on Kufrin’s Instagram account shows that she once starred in a music video for Minnesota band Smith n Thompson in their single ‘Uh-Oh’. The video shows Kufrin having a good time hanging out, styling her friend’s hair, and partying with friends. She also promotes the band and their album on her Instagram by encouraging people to go out and buy a copy of it. This girl definitely knows how to win, keep friends and stay popular indeed.

3. Animal Lover Animal Lover

Few would know that Becca Kufrin loves animals and is a pet parent. She has an adorable corgi whom she has named Max. In fact, the reality star’s Instagram account has many pictures of Max having a fabulous time with his famous mom as they cook together, lounge about on a lazy day, and share oodles of kisses under the sun. Another lesser known fact is that Kufrin is a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks and has even said that any of her future pets will be named after the American singer-songwriter. Hmmm, don’t we all love a girl with a soft corner for our furry four-legged friends?

2. Trouble With The Law Trouble With The Law

For those of you who are attracted to bad girls, here is some great news: Becca Kufrin is not a saint indeed! During her stint on season 2 of The Bachelor, it came to light that the lovely Kufrin had a slight run in with the law for underage drinking. The incident occurred back in 2009 and Becca Kufrin had to cough up a whopping 400 dollars in fines for her misdemeanour apart from getting a earful. While a run in with the law is never a good thing, we sure love the candid naughtiness behind this lovely woman as it makes her seem all the more real.

1. Back On TV Back On TV

Many were upset when Becca was rejected by Arie Luyendyk Jr in favour of runner-up Lauren Burnham. Now, in what seems to be an effort to appease fans as well as makeup for the wrong faced by Kufrin, ABC has cast Becca at helm of their new season of The Bachelorette. Season 14 of the popular TV show already sees Kufrin winning hearts onscreen and off-screen with her sublime ways, and with a host of handsome men vying desperately for her attention, she won’t be complaining. All we can say is, this dark-haired beauty has a long and bright future ahead of her on the big screen.


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