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The Many Facets of Christina Aguilera: is She Unrecognizable Today?

Pop idol Christina Aguilera is as known for her vocal range as for her constantly evolving appearance. The Beautiful songstress has been admired, criticised, and imitated and through it all she stayed spunky and true to herself. Not to mention, she kept those Billboard hits coming time and again.

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8. The 90’s TV Girl The 90’s TV Girl

Before she got her big break with the hit single Genie in a bottle, Christina Aguilera was a regular performer on TV. Even as a young girl, she had the big voice that we all know and love today. Aguilera’s first appearance was on the hit show Star Search. After losing the first prize, she followed up with a highly lauded performance as part of The New Mickey Mouse Club. Throughout her stint on TV, Aguilera’s look was typical 90s fashion. Big hair, oversized sweaters, and large, shiny accessories. While she initially started off with her naturally straight blonde hair, she later moved to a more mature looking wavy style that added a beautiful touch to her sultry voice. This young girl with a large vocal range and stage presence started getting noticed by all the right people early on.

7. Mulan Music Video Mulan Music Video

It can be said that Christina Aguilera got her first big break, in the music world, with her successful audition for Disney’s animated film Mulan which was released in 1998. She was selected to sing the song Reflection which went on to become a huge success. Aguilera once revealed that she nailed the audition only because she was able to sing a particular note in the song that was very hard for most of the other singers who auditioned. Apart from doing well on the charts, Reflection got Aguilera noticed for her vocal range and opened pathways in her career. Her style too was taken into account. Gone were the big hair and chunky accessories of her Mickey Mouse Club days. Sporting a far mature look, Aguilera now wore her hair in a short bob and kept her makeup minimal and outfit sublime. Looking every inch, the professional musician, this singer’s look spelled out that she was ready to make waves in the industry soon.

6. Debut Album Look Debut Album Look

Post the success of her Mulan soundtrack record, Aguilera quickly signed an album deal with RCA Records. The self-titled debut album went on to go platinum multiple times over and reached number one on the Billboard 200 charts. The hugely successful single Genie in a Bottle got Aguilera noticed for her voice and her inimitable style. Short crop tops, tight jeans, and bold accessories, this teen diva was not afraid to experiment. Her short bob had grown to shoulder length and her makeup was sultry with teal eyeshadow that quickly became a huge favourite among her teen and pre-teen fans. While many critics pointed out that Christina’s clothes were too sexual compared to her more sombre rival Britney Spears, Aguilera’s stylists went all out to make sure her look was the one that set her apart. And, it sure did!

5. Stripped Style Makeover Stripped Style Makeover

Aguilera followed up her initial success with a Spanish album Mi Reflejo and a Christmas record titled My Kind of Christmas. However, it felt time to make her mark on the Billboard charts once again. This led to the conception of her fourth studio album Stripped. Once again, Aguilera went all out to reinvent herself, vocally and stylistically. Her first single titled ‘Dirrty’ was a raw expression of Aguilera breaking away from her teen pop image and her evolving fashion sense supported the change. Her silky blonde locks gave way to dreads and hair extensions, bandanas and leather gloves, and even a few facial piercings. This new look was initially met with criticism; however, fans were quick to imitate the diva who now earned the moniker X-Tina. Christina Aguilera had now evolved completely from the girl next door to a woman in power and she became the poster child for rebellion.

4. Motherhood Makeover Motherhood Makeover

In 2005, Christina Aguilera tied the knot with music marketing executive Jordan Bratman. The post-marriage phase saw X-Tina revamp her style in favour of a more matured look. Saying goodbye to dreads and ripped jeans, Aguilera opted for a style that spelt classy and sexy. Blonde wavy locks, classic red lipstick and classy stage outfits saw her look like a modern-day Madonna revival. Aguilera even took a step further and encouraged fans to wear only faux-fur as part of a PETA campaign. In 2006, Aguilera released her fifth studio album titled Back To Basics which also reflected her change in style. The album focussed on reviving old-Hollywood with its jazz and blues feel. In 2008, Christina once again went through a major change as she was pregnant with her first child, a son named Max Bratman. During her pregnancy, Christina styled herself with soft flowy dresses and sombre accessorizing, thus looking very much the quintessential Hollywood diva of days gone by. Many have often compared this look to that of the original style icon Marilyn Monroe.

3. Divorce and New Beginnings Divorce and New Beginnings

Sadly, some good things come to an end. Christina and Jordan Bratman filed for divorce in 2010 with joint custody of their son Max. The same year, Aguilera released her sixth studio album titled Bionic which was met with mixed reviews. Ever evolving, X-Tina once again changed her style to suit the electronic feel of Bionic. Red glossy lips, porcelain skin, large glasses, leather outfits, and slick, pulled back hair saw Aguilera go even more retro than ever. While the album didn’t fare too well, Christina’s look was once again praised for its brave take on style and the singer showed all just why she was considered a fashion icon. The risk paid off overall with Christina becoming more popular than ever and beating out many female rivals on the fashion stakes. The same year she also collaborated with Maroon 5 on their hit single Moves Like Jagger. X-Tina proved she simply can’t step wrong.

2. Post- Weight Gain Post-	  Weight Gain

2010 will be a memorable year for Aguilera in more ways than one as it was then that she starred in the musical Burlesque opposite legendary singer Cher. However, the film tragically flopped as audiences and critics found it to be very cliched. The following year saw Aguilera go through her most massive setback professionally as she omitted a few lines during the performance of Star Spangled Banner at the Super bowl and was also arrested for public intoxication with new beau Matthew Rutler. This phase also saw X-Tina come under heavy scrutiny for her weight gain with fashion critiques not going too easy on her. Yet, Christina bounced back with calm wit and said that she was happy with her evolving body as she was now a mother caring for her family.

Before, we unveil how Christina Aguilera looks and styles herself today, we want to ask you: which is your favourite Aguilera song. Comment below and let’s see which track comes out as a favourite!

1. Second Baby To Date Second Baby To Date

In 2012, Aguilera released her seventh studio album titled ‘Lotus’ which was unfortunately panned by music critics worldwide. However, the next year, she was back with a bang as she won a Grammy for her hit duet with American music duo A Great Big World. The song titled “Say Something“ once again showed the world that Aguilera had not lost her vocal punches and was a force to be reckoned with. In 2014, Aguilera became pregnant with her second child and once again rocked the style stakes, by posing nude for a fashion shoot for vmagazine.com. Since then, X-Tina seems to have dropped the X-rated fashion for a softer, sombre look that has impressed fashion critics all over. With soft, platinum blonde curls and nude makeup, Christina Aguilera has seemed to turn over a new chapter. And we all simply can’t help but admire her zeal and spunk for being able to reinvent herself so timelessly again and again.


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