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Kim Kardashian VS. Kylie Jenner: Which Sibling Comes Out on Top?

Few would remember the time when Kim Kardashian was the only famous member of her high-profile family. These days each member of the Kardashian clan claims their own right to the spotlight. Of all, Kylie Jenner truly stands out as one who has truly come close to Kim’s fame. But, who has more media net worth, Kim or Kylie?

Let’s check out our compilation of Kim Kardashian versus Kylie Jenner and see which sibling comes out on top. Before proceeding, do subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos.

7. Cosmetic Brands Cosmetic Brands

Both sisters have been noted for their style and it was only a matter of time before they launched their own makeup brands. But, how are Kim and Kylie faring in their business outing? The first to launch a beauty line, Kim Kardashian did not receive very favourable reviews. Many fans complained that the KKW line of cosmetic products had more shades for white skin and fewer for darker tones. Moreover, she came under fire for appearing shades darker than her original skin tone in the makeup ad with some fans calling out her racist behaviour. Kylie Jenner’s makeup line has been faring relatively well though she has faced severe backlash for some of the inappropriately titled product names. The product line features names such as X-Rated, Barely Legal, Virginity, And Hot and Bothered. These names have worried the parents of Jenner’s fan base which mainly includes young pre-teen girls. Moreover, some customers complained that Kylie Cosmetics delivers late and faulty products. This notwithstanding Kylie Jenner still has a huge base of loyal customers. When ranked side by side, each sister’s makeup line is different and both come out as winners on this front with an individually loyal fan base.

6. Motherhood Motherhood

Kim Kardashian was the first of the two siblings to become a mother. She welcomed her first born – a baby girl named North West – into the world in 2013. North West has two younger siblings, a brother named Saint and a sister named Chicago who was born via surrogacy. Through all her pregnancies, Kim managed to retain a huge media interest and frenzy by sharing images of her brood that took social media by storm. Yet, her younger sibling Kylie Jenner did not lag too far behind. Expecting her first child with rapper Travis Scott, Kylie generated a media storm by keeping her pregnancy under wraps and only doling out snippets of her bulging tummy via social media. The whole secrecy led to a huge frenzy when her baby girl was born so much so that Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement photo became Instagram’s most liked picture with over 14 million likes and counting. In fact, media experts claim that the few months old Stormi is already worth a couple of million dollars in press value. Hmm, the Jenner girl sure knows to play her cards just right.

5. Relationships Relationships

Both Kim and Kylie have an extensive dating history that has made for excellent tabloid fodder. Few would remember that Kim’s first husband was music producer Damon Thomas whom she eloped with when she was only 19 years old. However, all did not go well and the reality TV star filed for divorce a few years later citing physical and emotional abuse. Another trip down the aisle with NBA star Kris Humphries ended in divorce a mere 72 days later. After being linked with several men including Mariah Carey’s ex Nick Cannon, Kim finally seems to have put her past behind her as she has settled into a seemingly stable relationship with RnB star Kanye West. Kylie Jenner on her part, has been linked with a multitude of men including rapper Tyga, actor Jaden Smith, and her baby’s daddy, rapper Travis Scott. At only 20 years of age, this lovely lady has indeed got plenty of time to make up her mind and she is in no hurry to walk down the aisle. It seems in the relationship stakes, both sisters are neck to neck.

4. Social Media Following Social Media Following

We start off this comparison with t The biggest factor that helps Kim and Kylie reach out to their follower is indeed social media. Kim Kardashian has over 110 million followers on Instagram and millions more looking up to her on Twitter. In fact, Kim’s online presence has risen considerably since she became a mother and her pictures with her children have definitely beaten her solo selfies with the number of likes they have received. Yet, younger sibling Kylie is not too far behind. Her well-timed stunt of keeping her pregnancy under wraps generated a media furore when she finally gave birth and saw her picture with daughter Stormi generate over 14 million likes on Instagram. On the social media front, Kylie is soon catching up with sister Kim as she has now reached 107 million followers on Instagram. While both sisters seem to be tied on their social media presence, we eagerly await to see who races ahead of whom in the popularity stakes.

3. Luxurious Residences Luxurious Residences

The first thing that most celebs do after breaking into their first million is to buy a fabulous house and some equally flashy cars. And, the Kardashian sisters are no different. Kim and hubby Kanye West bought a huge mansion from singer Lisa Marie Presley for a whopping 20 million dollars and promptly revamped it to include a spa, a private recording studio and eight fireplaces. The sprawling private property is located in Hidden Hills, California in an exclusive neighbourhood away from prying eyes. Just perfect for them to raise their children away from the media. Younger sibling Kylie Jenner is not too far behind in the property stakes having put a lot of her earnings into several homes located close to the main family pad at Calabasas and Hidden Hills. However, buying property for Kylie seems like a mere investment as she still spends most of her time living in with her mother Kris Jenner. Investing in real estate is definitely a smart move for the two sisters.

2. Mother’s Favourite Child 

One may argue that Kris Jenner is as famous as her beautiful daughters. The Kardashian matriarch has managed to keep up with her young brood by staying in the news for right reasons and wrong ones too. With so many children, much tabloid space has been devoted to discussing if Kris Jenner has a favourite. For years, the reality star openly revealed that Kim was her favourite of all but many wondered if this was simply because Kim was the highest earning member of the family as well as the most well-known. Though nowadays, the scales seem to have tipped in favour of the new media favourite Kylie Jenner. Following the birth of her daughter, Kylie has continued to live with mom Kris and the bond between mother and daughter seems to be stronger now than ever before. Is this simply a ploy to get better ratings on their reality TV shows and create more scope for televised drama? Only time will tell.

Before we unveil the final comparison between Kim and Kylie, we want to ask you: Who is your favourite Kardashian sister? Reply in the comments section below and the most popular pick gets a video of their own.

1. Net worth Net worth

This one’s a no brainer. The reason why Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are in the spotlight is the big bucks that it earns them. The money also allows the two sisters to maintain their extravagant lifestyle and launch their beauty brands. So, it brings us to wonder who is the wealthier of the two? Let’s find out. Kim Kardashian has definitely had a lot more time than the younger Kylie to accumulate wealth so this might seem like an unfair comparison. At present, experts claim Kim has a net worth of around 175 million dollars. This is excluding her husband Kanye West’s net worth which totals to around 160 million dollars. In comparison to these statistics, Kylie Jenner is way ahead of the curve. Experts claim that at present, the young Jenner is worth over 300 million dollars. This mind-numbing figure is only set to rise with her multiple brand endorsement deals as well as the huge success of her makeup line. All of this at the ripe young age of 20 years. We are truly wonderstruck Kylie!


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