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13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Britain’s Royal Kids

The upcoming months hold much activity and excitement in the British royal household with Prince Harry’s wedding date drawing near and Prince William and Kate Middleton set to welcome their third baby into this world. Life is indeed fascinating for the young members of the British monarchy.

Today, we let you in on 13 things you probably didn’t know about Britain’s royal kids. Before proceeding, do subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos.

13. Multiple languages Multiple languages

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s two children may be just toddlers, yet they are already learning to speak two languages. Apart from their native English, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are learning Spanish and even have a nanny who is a native Spanish speaker to encourage their lessons. Most young children in the British royal household are encouraged to learn a second language early on as it helps in the future with any diplomatic responsibilities that may arise.

12. Future heirs Future heirs

While the rest of the world is aware of the fact that the young Prince George will be king someday, the little boy himself has been kept in the dark about this fact. Prince George is 3rd in line to the throne after his grandfather the Prince of Wales and his father, Prince William. However, Prince William is adamant that his son should have a normal upbringing and that he will know the truth about his kingly roles only when he is old enough to understand and act responsibly.

11. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Few are aware that Princess Charlotte’s full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and that it has been kept so to honour past and present members of the royal family. This type of name-keeping is a common tradition in British monarchy. The first name Charlotte is in reference to her grandfather Prince Charles and is also Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa’s middle name. Elizabeth is in honour of her great-grandmother, the ruling Queen Elizabeth II. And finally, Diana is in memory of her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

10. George Alexander Louis George Alexander Louis

Not to be left behind in honouring his family’s legacy, the Prince William’s first born has been named after Queen Elizabeth’s father, the much-loved King George VI. The middle name Alexander comes from the Queen’s very own middle name which is Alexandra. And finally, the name Louis shows respect to the young prince’s great grandfather Prince Philip whose beloved grandfather was Prince Louis of Battenberg. Few also know that Louis is also part of Prince’s William’s full name which is William Arthur Philip Louis.

9. Play time activities Play time activities

Most would wonder if royal kids spend their free time playing normal games just like other children do. The answer is yes. Both, Prince George and his little sister Princess Charlotte love children’s books such as Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig. The royal children also enjoy art and craft sessions and even gift their grandmother the Queen handmade presents. Prince George is particularly fond of soccer though he is still coming to terms with the roughness of the game.

8. Horse riding Horse riding

It is no secret that most members of the royal family enjoy horse riding in their free time. With vast estates and stables of horses, there is no shortage of opportunity to indulge this hobby. Both, Prince George and Princess Charlotte got their first outing on horseback quite early on. It is only their mother Kate Middleton who was noted for a disinterest in horse-riding, but she makes sure her young children are learning their equestrian lessons just right.

7. Royal pets Royal pets

Like many young children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte love pets. Apart from the many horses owned by the royal family, they also have other animals to love and care for. Prince George has grown up along with a cocker spaniel named Lupo and is apparently quite attached to the dog. Both siblings also jointly have a pet hamster that they named Marvin. Learning to care for animals at a young age is indeed the right way to go.

6. Princely shorts Princely shorts

One might notice that almost all pictures of the young Prince George see him dressed in shorts. This is no coincidence. In the British royal household, it is commonly held that full length pants are the clothing of older men and that young boys should wear shorts. Prince George will make the switch to full-length pants when he is around 8 years of age. This trend has caught up in Britain now with many young adults opting to dress their young sons in shorts instead of the more common full-length pants.

5. No monopoly No monopoly

The royal life is not all fun for the young brood. It is also full of rules and regulations. For instance, did you know that the royal children are not allowed to play the popular board game Monopoly? The main reason behind this is apparently the combative nature of the game that might cause an unnecessary rift between royal family members. This might seem like an odd rule; however, we are sure that many out there might agree with it.

4. Princely future goals Princely future goals

Prince George is far too young to know what he would like to be when he grows up, yet, he seems to have a vague idea of where he is headed in life. Apparently, the young heir to the throne loves flying and has an entire collection of toy aeroplanes that he loves spending time with. It has been reported that he has often told his parents that when he grows up, he would love to be an air cadet. A young genius in the making indeed.

3. The dominant sibling The dominant sibling

It might seem to most that Prince George is the dominant sibling given that he is the older of the two. Yet, what probably surprises all is that the young Princess Charlotte is often known to take the reins at home. And, her doting older brother doesn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, many people compare Princess Charlotte’s maturity and calm demeanour to that of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth and say that she resembles the Queen much in her physical attributes as well. This doesn’t come as a surprise to most, seeing that the most powerful person in the British royal family is the matriarch Queen Elizabeth II.

2. Succession rules Succession rules

There was a time in England’s history when male heirs got precedence over female ones. Yet, the times have changed and monarchy rules have been modified to keep up with evolving thoughts. At present, Prince George is 3rd in line to the throne behind his grandfather the Prince of Wales and his father Prince William. Princess Charlotte is thus 4th in line to the throne. Even if Kate Middleton’s next child is a male, Princess Charlotte’s position will be absolutely unaffected in the throne succession order.

Before we unveil our last fact, we want to ask you: Do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a baby boy or a baby girl next? Comment below and we’ll know soon enough!

1. Windsor wave Windsor wave

All members of the royal family are expected to learn certain gestures that show they are a part of the monarchy. One of these is the famed Windsor wave. This movement consists of holding the hand vertical and waving the wrist and palm very slightly. This movement conveys the elegance of royalty. Young Prince George was first seen displaying the hand movement the day his young sister was born back in 2015. This delighted all waiting in audience and everyone eagerly awaits young Princess Charlotte’s first Windsor wave.


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