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10 Shocking Stories On Celebrity Makeup Brands

When celebrities launch a product, it is no surprise that fans will do anything to get their hands on it. The last few years have seen many popular stars launch their very own makeup brands so that their fans can look like them. But, what if the standards are not up to the mark and the public is left disappointed?

Today we take a look at 10 Shocking Stories On Celebrity Makeup Brands That Got Called Out. Before proceeding, do subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos.

10. Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner

The young Jenner seems to top older sibling Kim Kardashian in the popularity stakes these days. Yet, even Kylie seems unable to stay away from controversy. While her lip kits are all the rage, the names of her beauty products have come under much fire from activists for their inappropriateness. The blush sets of Kylie Cosmetics have names such as ‘barely legal’, ‘hot and bothered’, ‘virginity’, and ‘X-rated’ and these titles have truly disturbed the parents of Kylie’s main pre-teen fanbase. Not just that but Kylie’s courier service looks like it could use an upgrade as well. Fans of Kylie Cosmetics have often reported website ordered makeup deliveries with the goods completely damaged or leaking inside. Hmm, we wonder what Jenner plans to do about this.

9. Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

When the queen of reality TV, Kim Kardashian launched her own beauty line titled KKW Cosmetics, the style industry was abuzz with excitement. However, the fanfare soon died down when every noticed how limited the shades were for dark skin. With only 16 shades of contour available, most of the products seemed to have been created for fair skin. To make matters worse, Kim Kardashian was also called out for her racist advertising as she modelled her makeup looking at least several shades darker than she really is. This incident left fans fuming at her extreme and rather unnecessary attempt to appeal to a segment of the population and also drew comparisons with ringer Rihanna’s more inclusive Fenty brand of cosmetics.

8. Helena Bonham Carter 

When you think of British actress Helena Bonham carter, your mind probably wonders to one of the eccentric roles that she has played onscreen in Tim Burton movies. Definitely not a fashion icon, everyone was left amazed and amused at Yardley’s choice to market their brand with Bonham Carter as an ambassador. What is even more strange is that Yardley is a brand that creates exclusive soaps and cosmetics for royalty. The brand finally decided to change its decision when new ambassador Helena Bonham Carter quipped nonchalantly to the media that she personally never wears any makeup. This caused much of a laughter riot at the irony of the situation and finally made Yardley change their minds!

7. Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson

When former pop icon Jessica Simpson launched her cosmetic line titled Desert Beauty back in 2007, the only people thrilled were her teenage fans. With the curiously strange tagline, ‘sexy girls have dessert’, the brand had products names such as ‘juicy’, ‘creamy’, and ‘taste delicious.’ Moreover, the brand was marketed with the claim that Simpson herself played a major role in designing the products. However, the line was pulled off shelves soon enough due to complaints about product quality and the fact that most of the line seemed to contain sugar as a primary ingredient. No to mention the existence of simply useless products such as a belly button fragrance which according to fans, didn’t last even more than a few minutes.

6. Melania Trump Melania Trump

US First Lady Melania Trump has hit the wrong headlines since the start of the Trump presidency. Yet, she takes it all in her stride and conducts herself with grace. Being the wife of one of the richest men in the world, creating a makeup brand would probably have been no tough task for this former model. When Melania launched her self-named line of lotions, exfoliators and cleansers, the beauty world was intrigued. The USP of this product was that they all contained caviar that was specially imported from the south of France. However, owing to the high price tag, the brand did not find too many takers and was soon off the shelves.

5. Kat Von D Kat Von D

Kat Von D is undoubtedly one of the most famous makeup artists in the world today and thus, it came as little surprise when she decided to launch her own makeup brand. Yet, the brand soon came under fire for a wide range of reasons. To begin with, Kat Von D too was pulled up choosing product names such as ‘underage red’ and ‘outlaw’ which could encourage recklessness among her young fans. Moreover, Kat was also called out for the outrageous pricing on her makeup line which saw the products become too unaffordable for their small quantity of contents. Nonetheless, Kat Von D stayed fiery and unapologetic as ever.

4. Snooki Snooki

Nicole Elizabeth LaValle, better known as ‘Snooki’ from the Jersey Shore cast is undoubtedly a household name. And, who better to launch a product than someone who is already famous. So, when Snooki announced her makeup line, fans were simply thrilled. Unfortunately, the product quality was not up to the mark and customers complained of being let down. Initial products launched included nail polish, fragrances, and bronzers. Yet, the high price tags were simply not justified and also made the makeup unaffordable to the star’s teenage fanbase. Snooki’s cosmetics are still on the shelves for purchase yet have dipped significantly in the popularity stakes.

3. Jeffree Star Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a Vlogger, a musician, and a makeup artist best known for his gender bending personality. With millions of fans, it came as no surprise to anyone that he decided to launch his own makeup brand. Yet, the controversial star soon came under the scanner for the low quality of products delivered to customers. For instance, his Skin Frost line of highlighters were reportedly delivered broken on orders and some products even had hair in them. When fans complained and shared pictures online, instead of graciously accepting the blame, Jeffree Star ended up blocking many customers. Star went a step further and even called all his fans liars and implied that it was all a ploy to see him fail. Not cool, we say!

2. Jessica Alba Jessica Alba

We all love a makeup brand that makes us look good and is cruelty free. Afterall, why should poor rabbits suffer the price of our vanity? When Hollywood star Jessica Alba announced the launch of her non-toxic brand called ‘The Honest Company’, many were thrilled at the idea of a clean and vegan brand. The company sells everything from lipstick to detergent and all products are claimed to be produced free from toxins and animal testing. Yet, it seemed that all wasn’t what it appeared to be. Just last year, The Honest Company settled a 1.55-million-dollar class action lawsuit as it was found to have misled buyers about the real ingredients in its dish soaps and detergents. This has now led people to question the ingredients in Alba’s makeup line as well.

Before we unveil the final entrant on this list, here is a question for our audience: Which celebrity makeup line is your personal favourite. Do comment in the section below and let’s see which brand comes out on top.

1. Rihanna Rihanna

One can say that Fenty by Rihanna has grown to be one of the big players in the cosmetics industry, barely a few months into its launch. The brand claims to have an unmatched range of shades for all skin tones and a truly universal appeal. Though, when you are famous, success does not come without a share of controversy. In Rihanna’s case, the singer was pulled up online by American cosmetic brand Make Up For Ever which claimed in a post that they were the first to launch 40 shades of foundation in 2015, almost 2 years before the success of Fenty. Yet, being as spunky as she is Rihanna simply clapped back saying that Make Up For Ever’s claims were out of fear and commented ‘lol. still ashy’ on the brand’s post. Got to say, we simply love this girl for her spirit!


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