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10 Female Cartoon Characters Who Would Look Hot In Real Life

Right from our childhood years, we all know and love our favourite cartoon characters. Yet, have you ever wondered how these animated beings would look in reality? Let’s check out 10 female cartoon characters who would look hot in real life. Before proceeding, do subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos.

10. Aeon Flux Aeon Flux

The title character of this spy thriller animated series is one TV hottie you wished would be for real. Through, a slight warning here: the content of this series is mature and definitely not for young children! Wearing a tight leather outfit that looks like a cross between an acrobat and a dominatrix, Aeon Flux is every man’s secret fantasy. Apart from her drop-dead gorgeous looks, she is a skilled assassin and a sharp spy, thus proving beauty with brains is a lethal combination. This hot cartoon character was embodied on the big screen by South African star Charlize Theron in the 2005 film Aeon Flux. While the movie bombed at the box office, men everywhere were held captive by Aeon Flux and her beauty.

9. Buttercup – Powerpuff Girls Buttercup – Powerpuff Girls

Quite contrary to her name, Buttercup is the most aggressive and tomboyish of all the Powerpuff Girls. She loves getting into trouble and thrills at an opportunity to fight villains. She simply hates all things girly and should never ever be referred to as a ‘princess’. Her sass and style are well embodied in the bright green colour that defines her. And, don’t we all love a bad girl. If Buttercup came to life, we have no doubt that she would be a rock-chick that could make boys go weak at the knees. Many artists have sketched this Powerpuff Girl as a real woman and the results are truly astounding. With deep, green eyes and a boyish blunt haircut, this woman is all business and control.

8. Elsa – Frozen Elsa – Frozen

Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle in Disney’s popular animated feature Frozen. The first-born daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, her royal lineage means Elsa is naturally gifted with regally good looks. Tall and slim, Elsa is blessed with long platinum blonde hair, deep blue eyes, rosy lips and very pale skin. A slight dust of freckles on her cheeks serve to make her even more adorable to us all. Needless to say, if Elsa were real, she would have a very long line of male suitors outside her front door. And, just in case you need more convincing, just check out artist Tati Moons’ sketch of Queen Elsa and you are bound to be left speechless at her truly ethereal beauty.

7. Daphne Blake – Scooby Doo Daphne Blake – Scooby Doo

Redhead beauty Daphne Blake is the known fashionista in the Scooby Doo series. Owing to her good looks, she usually is the one who gets kidnapped and always plays the stereotypical damsel in distress. Hence, the nickname: Danger Prone Daphne. Not that the guys are complaining though. If Daphne were to come to life in the real world, we have no doubt that men would be swooning over her everywhere. With an hourglass figure and an old-fashioned classic charm, Daphne can win a man’s heart with her ladylike demeanour. And not to forget, we did get a glimpse of Blake’s real-world beauty when she was played by a bevy of beautiful actresses including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kate Melton on-screen.

6. Violet Parr – The Incredibles Violet Parr – The Incredibles

Everyone knows the much-loved Violet Parr as the confused teenager who is no longer a girl, but not yet a woman. Her superpowers include turning herself invisible and also the ability to levitate very heavy objects. Through her constant battle to believe in herself and shed her shyness, Violet has instantly become a role model for girls around the world who are struggling with self-esteem issues. At the end of the movie The Incredibles, Violet finally sheds her shyness and asks her crush out on a date. Violet has been often sketched by artists as a strong and beautiful girl who can truly make a guy’s heart melt with her intelligence and dark beauty. Not to mention, that in a red unitard and thigh-high boots, she simply rocks her superhero outfit.

5. Kim Possible – Kim Possible Kim Possible - Kim Possible

Kim Possible is everyone’s favourite crime-fighting teenage girl. Beautiful and athletic, Kim bravely battles all adolescent problems while helping make the world a better place through crime-fighting. And, she sure does manage to look simply fabulous through it all. Her trademark fiery red hair, piercing green eyes and slim build make her truly irresistible. To top it all off, Kim does have an incredible sense of style and keeps changing her outfits. The head of her cheerleading squad and a student who gets straight A’s, Kim makes it all look so easy and is no doubt the ideal combination of beauty and brains. What could possibly be more irresistible to a guy? Kim Possible is definitely one of the hottest female characters who would rock in a real-life avatar.

4. Shego – Kim Possible Shego – Kim Possible

It would be hard to mention Kim Possible on this list while forgetting her nemesis, Shego. Yes, female animated villains are also allowed! Shego is a master of martial arts, a stealthy fighter and has a superpower wherein she can manipulate energy forces. And, let’s face facts – who doesn’t love a bad female villain? With looks to kill, Shego definitely earns her place on this list. This antagonist is blessed with a supermodel figure, long black hair, and piercing green eyes. Above all, who can forget those super sexy black lips. We are sure that if Shego came to life, she would be ruling the hearts of men all over the world. Not to mention, amazing us all with her athletic skills and cunning.

3. Princess Jasmine – Aladdin Princess Jasmine – Aladdin

Ask any young boy growing up in the 90s who the most beautiful onscreen female cartoon character was and chances are high that he would mention Princess Jasmine. The love interest of urchin-turned-hero Aladdin, Princess Jasmine is the only daughter of the cheery Sultan of Agrabah. With her light blue harem pants, off-shoulder blouse and long, flowing jet-black hair, we can honestly forgive Aladdin for falling head over heels for this Arabian beauty. It is also notable to mention that Princess Jasmine is an independent character and not always the damsel in distress. It is little wonder therefore, that if Jasmine were real, she would be a total stunner with brains to match and surely make men’s heads turn wherever she went.

2. Princess Ariel – The Little Mermaid Princess Ariel – The Little Mermaid

The redhead sea princess with the seashell bra, Princess Ariel is no damsel in distress and often takes her own decisions to save the day in her father’s kingdom underwater. And, who doesn’t fancy a beauty with brains? No doubt, bringing this character to life might seem a bit tougher than most as the lower half of her body is sadly, a fishtail. That notwithstanding, she does sprout a pair of legs to chase the prince she falls in love with in the cartoon series. Anything is possible if we just dream hard enough. Without a doubt, if Princess Ariel were to come to life, she would embody the divine beauty, athleticism, and grace that mermaids are said to possess.
Before we get to our final pick, we want to ask you: who is your favourite hot male cartoon character? Reply in the comments below and we will do a separate video on male animated figures too!

1. Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

We can honestly say no woman has looked better in a form fitting outfit while fighting crime! Wonder Woman has truly embodied the female form of popular male superhero characters. Owing to her divine blood, she is as powerful as Batman, Superman or any other superhero. Officially known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, this crime-fighting beauty is truly a role model for women everywhere. Never the damsel in distress, she even trudges on when all have given up hope. Not to mention, she is a total charmer and warms our hearts with her wit and humour. Wonder Woman was finally taken to the big screen in 2017 and she was aptly portrayed by Israeli actress Gal Gadot.


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